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Rapid Resolution Therapy: What You Need to Know

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By Orlando Treatment Solutions January 8, 2024

Rapid Resolution Therapy: What You Need to Know

The goals of rapid resolution therapy (RRT), a type of psychotherapy, are to help trauma survivors reduce trauma triggers, gain a sense of security, and get over persistent symptoms. To address unsettling thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with their trauma, RRT uses hypnosis, narrative, guided imagery, and other talk therapy techniques. Although it is currently more often utilized, RRT was first created to treat victims of sexual assault and veterans of combat.

rapid resolution program

RRT is useful in Orlando Treatment Solutions‘ trauma resolution therapy program for patients who want a more all-encompassing approach to addressing mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and more. Contact our staff at (321) 415-3213 to learn more about the advantages of rapid-resolution trauma treatment.

How Does RRT Work?

To process traumatic events, rapid-resolution trauma therapy uses a neurological reframing technique called EMDR therapy. Trauma-related thoughts and memories might elicit unpleasant feelings. Through hypnosis, guided imagery, and self-soothing techniques, clients can reprocess trauma and acquire new coping mechanisms in a safe and supportive environment provided by a specially trained RRT therapist.

RRT essentially aids in the development of new brain pathways that eradicate an individual’s maladaptive instinctive reactions to trauma. Consequently, the person no longer experiences emotional distress or negative reactions from the past, making them immune to previous triggers.

What are the Benefits of RRT?

Rapid resolution therapy is a relatively new therapy, but research on it suggests that it is a scientifically solid trauma resolution technique. Among RRT’s advantages are:

  • It is efficacious, yielding positive results in approximately six sessions.
  • It works well for treating a variety of mental health conditions.
  • Positive effects are noticeable nearly right away.
  • It is non-invasive and safe.

RRT complements many other evidence-based therapies, such as EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and holistic techniques including mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

Symptoms that Rapid Resolution Trauma Therapy is Right for You

Trauma has wide-ranging impacts that affect every aspect of life. Rapid resolution trauma therapy takes into consideration the fact that each person uniquely experiences trauma and adjusts its approach to suit their needs. The following are indications that you might benefit from RRT: typical physical and psychological symptoms of trauma include:

  • Variations in mood, agitation, or fury
  • Bewilderment or trouble focusing
  • Exhaustion and sleep issues, such as insomnia and nightmares
  • Being frightened, anxious, or easily startled
  • bodily aches, headaches, and digestive problems
  • Social distancing or retreating
  • feeling depressed, disengaged, numb, or hopeless

Many trauma survivors feel guilty, ashamed, or responsible for their actions, especially if they have been sexually, psychologically, or physically abused. The trauma resolution therapy program at Orlando Treatment Solutions has highly experienced interdisciplinary treatment staff that is aware of the impacts of trauma. Here, we offer a compassionate, safe, and encouraging environment where you can recover and develop.

Trauma’s Long-Term Effects and How Rapid Resolution Therapy Can Help

Trauma, if untreated, can have long-term consequences for an individual’s mental and physical health. Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, substance addiction problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can all result. RRT can help reduce these risks by breaking down obstacles that trauma sufferers may confront throughout therapy.

Rapid-resolution therapy produces immediate and long-lasting outcomes. It assists individuals in overcoming self-destructive or addictive habits while enhancing connections with themselves and others. RRT can also help people reclaim control of their lives and build resilience by teaching them new skills.

Rapid-resolution therapy may be a helpful treatment choice for you if you are struggling to overcome the effects of trauma.

Orlando Treatment Solutions Offers Comprehensive Care, Including Trauma Therapy

The foundation of the Orlando Treatment Solutions mental health program is trauma-informed therapy. Our team members are all well-trained in trauma resolution and post-traumatic stress disorder. The first step in trauma resolution therapy is to meet with treatment professionals to go over your past medical, mental health, and drug-use histories.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Your personalized treatment plan is built upon the data from this thorough assessment. Since every person responds to trauma differently, your treatment will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Your treatment may involve any of the following in addition to RRT:

Our comprehension of how traumatic experiences from the past or present can impact maladaptive behaviors leads us to offer a program that will assist you in overcoming the impacts of trauma.

Visit Orlando Treatment Solutions to learn more about rapid-resolution trauma therapy.

Mental health conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems can arise from untreated trauma. We offer trauma resolution therapy if you or a loved one is experiencing the aftereffects of unresolved trauma. For more information on how quick resolution trauma therapy can assist you, call us at (321) 415-3213.


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