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Co-occurring disorders refer to a situation where a person has a mental illness and also has a substance use disorder. These conditions affect each other and complicate the treatment process because of the interactions. Both disorders require a comprehensive approach to be treated, and our staff is committed to helping our patients regain control of their lives.

Some of the mental health disorders that are often linked to substance use are clinical depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and bipolar disorders. Understanding the relationship between these disorders and substance use is important in the treatment of the two disorders.

Research indicates that about half the people suffering from mental health disorders also have a substance dependence problem. Both these diagnoses can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life, family or social interactions, and functioning.

Signs and Symptoms

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral Signs

  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Sprint alert: Avoidance of family and friends
  • Difficulty managing daily tasks

Physical and Psychological Symptoms

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Chronic feelings of sadness or anxiety.
  • Sleeping disorders and changes in eating habits

Learning and mastering various diagnoses and substance use disorders through early intervention is one of the most important matters. This shows that the conditions need to be attended to before they worsen; early signs of such conditions must be identified.

Our Treatment Approach

At Orlando Treatment Solutions, we use an integrated treatment model in which both the mental health disorder and the substance use disorder are treated at the same time. This is because this approach treats every aspect of a patient’s condition and develops the most effective way of handling the situation.

Every patient is assessed individually and given a unique course of treatment according to the patient’s situation. Our team of specialists comes up with a treatment plan containing several treatment approaches tailored to the individual patient.

Our team includes expert medical practitioners such as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and members specializing in addiction. This means that the different professionals work hand in hand to ensure that the needs of patients are met holistically.

Treatment Modalities

GeneSight Testing

GeneSight is a pharmacogenomic test that may provide information about patient genes and their reaction to medication in cases of depression and other diseases. It also enables our clinicians to individualize or fine-tune medication therapy which enhances the therapeutic outcomes and decreases the adverse effects.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is a rehabilitation approach that administers prescribed medications as a complement to counseling and behavioral therapies to address substance use disorders. Some of the benefits of medication are: alleviating withdrawal symptoms, reducing drug cravings, and promoting recovery.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is one type of psychotherapy that assists patients in altering the relationship they have with their thoughts and feelings, in such a way that they are not required to feel guilty or fight those feelings. Thus, acceptance and commitment therapy increases the level of psychological flexibility and is useful for treating co-occurring disorder patients as people agree to make behavioral changes that enhance their lives.

Behavioral Therapies and Counseling

Our multiple therapeutic methods of treatment comprise cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, and other forms of behavioral therapy. These therapies assist the patients in learning new behaviors,  recognizing triggers that prompt abnormal behaviors, and teaching them how to manage stress that may cause disorders.


Behavioral Therapies and Counseling

Daily Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are more appropriate because they allow the patient to have focused attention and receive relevant and sensitive treatment plans and interventions. It also involves target and goal setting and is important in the handling of specific concerns within the course of the treatment process.

Daily Group Therapy

Group sessions also help the patient meet other patients who can share their experiences and help them create a bond with people facing similar trials. These sessions both create a feeling of togetherness and of working through trauma together.

Comprehensive Aftercare Planning

It is crucial to have a well-developed aftercare plan when it comes to the effects of chemical dependency to ensure permanent success. To this end, our team assists the patients in coming up with a post-treatment plan that includes support, resources, and measures that are to be taken for relapse prevention and staying sober.

Why Choose Orlando Treatment Solutions?

  • Expertise and Experience: We have an experienced and professional team of counselors with specialized knowledge in dual diagnosis and patient care.
  • Compassionate Environment: Patient-centred means that we make sure the patient is comfortable and empowered.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our treatment center is fully equipped with modem amenities and advanced treatment technologies.
  • Accreditation and Certifications: Orlando Treatment Solutions is accredited and has a reputation for being a premier facility that offers co-occurring disorder treatment.

If you or someone you know suffers from a co-occurring disorder, feel free to call us at (321) 415-3213.  At Orlando Treatment Solutions, we are here to provide you with all the necessary help on the road to recovery.


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