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Anxiety is a constant companion of many students in college, and a survey done in 2022 revealed that at least 77% of all college students in the US suffer from moderate to serious psychological and emotional distress. In recent studies and research conducted by school mental health experts focusing on how to help college students with anxiety, most students admitted that a variety of stressors, all put together, contributed to the pressure and anxiety they felt while in college, including:

  • Academic pressure
  • Moving away from home and the parents
  • Jarring new social situations
  • Added financial issues

If your college student suffers from anxiety, Orlando Treatment Solutions offers mental health treatments that can be administered through our PHP adolescent program and intensive outpatient program in Orlando, FL.

What Makes College Students

Particularly Vulnerable to Anxiety?

Most would think that stress leading to anxiety would be the province of adults who have been struggling with life problems for quite some time. The truth of the matter is that even young adults still in college are prone and subjected to quite the same amount of daily stress as they go about their lives, if not more. In most cases, young adults with barely any experience in dealing with life issues will have an even harder time dealing with the stressors they encounter while in college, compared to adults who may have learned how to weather such stressors.

Some of the more common reasons why college students are more vulnerable to anxiety include:

  • Living away from home
  • Severe homesickness
  • Managing difficult schedules and coursework at college
  • Social pressure
  • Being forced to become completely self-reliant
  • Pressure to succeed at studies or at least meet the passing grade
  • Burnout
  • Inability to settle financial concerns
  • Being removed from the support system of the family
  • Isolation
  • Social issues at school (school politics, bullying, indifference, and prejudice)

These general anxieties could be made even worse by specific anxieties that also plague the lives of college students. These specific anxieties are typically tied in with the unique experiences and situations of each student, including:

Anticipatory Anxiety

This type of college anxiety is the kind that hits students with increased worry, fear, and panic relevant to specific events that may happen in the future. These may include project deadlines, schedule requirements that seem to pile up one on top of the other, and the anticipation of a possible failing grade. Most of these concerns are typically the product of overthinking scenarios that may or may not happen at all. The worry and fear that comes with the anticipation could overcome a student to the point where they are already unable to engage in logical thought, further increasing the likelihood of the failure they dread.

Separation Anxiety

The feeling of being away from people typically relied on for support and care, such as family members, could become unbearable for many students, particularly those who live in a closely-knit family. The lack of connection could constantly wear and tear on a student’s ability to think and perform independently, even though the student may be a very responsible person on their own. This type of anxiety is made worse if the student fails to find a surrogate support system in place of family members, as many students tend to keep to themselves for fear of being ridiculed, bullied, or not being accepted by their peers.

Test Anxiety

This type of anxiety is particularly damaging to many students as it causes extreme nervousness and fear that renders even the most prepared student unable to answer exams or interviews that they need to go through. Students could prepare and review for hours and still freeze or come up with a blank when this type of anxiety takes over. Most learning coaches struggle to teach students to overcome this great fear, although some are never fully able to manage their anxiety enough when it comes to quizzes, exams, interviews, or presentations.

Social Anxiety

It is not uncommon for many people to be immensely nervous at the thought of doing something in a social situation, such as a performance or a presentation. The fear of failure or of being ridiculed could be so severe that the person feels numb, uncoordinated, and may even lose consciousness due to the flood of emotions that hit them when faced with a large crowd. This goes beyond performance anxiety that simply makes the situation difficult. This type of anxiety could be crippling to some people and could be related in some ways to a different anxiety disorder.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in College Students?

For many college students, anxiety is far more than just feelings of intense nervousness, fear, or worry. Some symptoms could be so severe that could become debilitating, and without support or mental health treatment, the student may continue to spiral to a point where they believe they simply cannot continue or accept the fact that they cannot complete their studies. Students need to receive whatever support they can get from young adult residential treatment in Florida before they reach this point because the damage could be so severe that no amount of counseling might convince them to continue.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Severe nervousness
  • Intense uneasiness
  • Inability to maintain focus
  • Uncontrollable worry
  • Disruption of sleep patterns
  • Inability to keep up with classes, projects, tasks, or assignments
  • Self-isolation
  • Radical changes in eating habits
  • The proliferation of negative thoughts
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Restlessness
  • Constant feeling of being on edge
  • Chronic muscle tension
  • Persistent fatigue or weakness
  • Sense of impending doom
  • Increased heart rate
  • Profuse sweating
  • Inexplicable trembling or shaking
  • Stomachaches
  • Headaches
  • Hyperventilation

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Orlando Treatment Solutions can Show You How to Help your College Student with Anxiety

helping college students with anxiety

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