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A significant number of people suffer from mental health concerns and also suffer from addiction. Furthermore, substance use disorder (SUD) is correctly classified as a mental health issue in the psychiatric community. A mental health and substance abuse treatment center that provides individuals with addiction treatment services.

These services can include detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and support groups. Substance abuse treatment centers can be inpatient or outpatient, and they may offer a variety of treatment programs to meet the individual needs of each patient. As a result, at Orlando Treatment Solutions, we provide medical detox, individual and group therapy, holistic well-being, and, if necessary, assistance for your family.

Long-term use of harmful substances reduces your chances of becoming and staying clean. If you have any further questions regarding our substance abuse treatment programs, please call us at (321) 415-3213. We can give you information about our treatment plans and talk about which options are best for you.

One of the primary goals of substance abuse therapy is to assist you in addressing the underlying issues that cause you to use drugs and alcohol in an obsessive, dangerous manner. We will assist you in investigating your upbringing, family environment, mental diseases, and other aspects that contribute to your addiction.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Among the effective therapies for substance addiction disorders are:

  • Counseling for behavior
  • Medication administration
  • Medical detoxification
  • Co-occurring mental health issues treatment
  • Long-term monitoring to prevent relapse
  • Work in the 12-step program

We provide a variety of services as part of a personalized treatment plan. Our post-treatment is more than just a check-up. You will leave Orlando Treatment Solutions with a community and a strategy. As needed, our treatment choices include both medical and mental health treatments. We provide a variety of community and family-based rehabilitation support services.

Signs of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, also known as substance use disorder (SUD), can manifest in various ways. Recognizing the signs and symptoms is crucial for seeking help and intervention. Here are some potential indicators:

Signs of Substance Abuse

Physical signs:

  • Changes in appearance, such as weight loss or gain, poor hygiene, and neglect of physical health.
  • Bloodshot eyes, pupils larger or smaller than usual.
  • Changes in sleep patterns, such as insomnia or excessive sleepiness,.
  • Uncoordinated movements, tremors, and slurred speech.

Behavioral signs:

  • Taking risks and engaging in illegal activities.
  • Spending excessive time obtaining or using substances.
  • Needing more of the substance to achieve the desired effect (tolerance).
  • Withdrawal symptoms when unable to use the substance.
  • Lying or being secretive about substance use.
  • Avoiding social situations or activities previously enjoyed.

Psychological signs:

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, or irritable.
  • Unexplained changes in mood or personality disorders.
  • Social isolation or withdrawal from friends and family.
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities.
  • Lack of motivation or energy.
  • Difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly.
  • Memory problems.
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings.

Psychotherapy’s Importance During Treatment

We provide a variety of psychotherapy services, including individual, group, and family therapy programs. Life can occasionally throw curveballs, but if you use the skills we teach, you can maintain your recovery. Our addiction treatment programs attempt to modify behavior and thinking.

Our ever-evolving therapy approaches provide the necessary support and help in recovery. When selecting a therapist, it is critical to evaluate the therapist’s training and credentials. Trained therapists include psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, mental health nurse practitioners, and licensed professional counselors.

Medication for psychiatric diseases combined with extensive therapy can typically result in better outcomes than intervention alone. If you are tired of drugs taking over your life, we are happy to provide the greatest substance addiction treatment programs in Orlando.

At Orlando Treatment Solutions, we provide the following rehabilitation programs:

Individual therapy: Working on an individual treatment basis might assist in addressing personal issues that have historically hampered addiction recovery. This is a long-term process that could benefit you for months or years to come.

Group therapy: Group therapy programs can be extremely effective and are the foundation of substance abuse treatment.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Substance abuse treatment offers numerous benefits for individuals struggling with addiction, encompassing physical, mental, and social improvements. Here are some key advantages:

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Physical benefits:

  • Improved overall health
  • Reduced risk of medical complications
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced risk of accidents and injuries

Mental benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved coping skills
  • Reduced cravings and urges

Orlando Treatment Solutions offers Substance Abuse Treatment

Mental health concerns of any kind are not easy to overcome. Connecting with others who share similar mental health struggles has enormous healing power. For more information about our substance abuse treatment options, feel free to call us at (321) 415-3213.


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