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Parents with Mental Illness: How to Parent with a Mental Condition

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Mental Illness is difficult enough as it stands without adding work, daily routines, or life trials to the mix. Even if life appears to be going smoothly, struggles with mental health can change that instantly. That’s because mental illness can make life rough regardless of your situation.

Adding parenting to mental illness can exacerbate matters without the proper therapy training. In turn, these struggles can become almost equally taxing on the children. That’s why as children of parents with mental illness it’s vital to approach the matter with a sympathetic and understanding mindset.

Dealing with a parent with mental illness takes wholehearted support and understanding. That means understanding when one family member deals with mental struggles, the whole family does. Bearing that in mind, let the following information serve as a blueprint for how to handle mental conditions as both a child and a parent.

How Can Your

Mental Illness Impact Your Children?

parents with mental condition

There are several environmental and biological risks associated with children of parents with mental illness. Knowing the risks involved can help you take precautionary and preventive measures to help each other as a family unit. Seek family therapy for mental illness if any of the following risks apply to you.

Hereditarily-Passed Mental Conditions

Parents who possess one or more mental conditions always pose a risk of passing that genetically to their children. Bear in mind, these conditions may be completely different than that of the parents. However, symptoms of mental illness may not arise until later teen years or young adulthood. If you are at risk of acquiring one or more mental illnesses, learn how to take preventative and coping measures before symptoms manifest themselves.

Emotional, Physical, or Mental Abuse

Children of parents with mental illness can be the blunt recipient of their parent’s symptoms emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This can lead to a troubled and bitter-filled childhood. While there is no excuse for physical or emotional abuse, these troubling factors are often a result of untreated disorders. Getting the proper treatment can go a long way in helping you maintain mental and emotional stability. This, in turn, will help you develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your child.

Neglected Childhood

Parents with mental conditions can become so preoccupied with their struggle without realizing their child isn’t getting the attention they need. Proper training techniques can simultaneously help you cope with mental health symptoms and parenting techniques. Most importantly, a highly-trained therapist can help you restore the bond between you and your child.

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How to Protect Your Child from the Harms of Mental Illness

Mental Health Disorder?

Children of parents with mental illness can’t control their inherent risk of developing mental disorders. However, as a parent, there are environmental factors you can control to minimize their risk of acquiring these conditions altogether. Even if you can’t abolish it altogether you can help reduce how badly any potentially acquired mental illnesses affect them. It can also help you enjoy the journey parenting is meant to be. Bearing that in mind, here are some helpful parenting tips for parents who suffer from mental illness.

Speak Openly with Your Child about Mental Illness

Doctors can help you open the waves of communication by teaching you how to address the topic with your child. These methods will help you teach your child about mental illness and how it can affect others around them. This includes helping them understand children of parents with mental illness does not define them as a person. Being open about this topic will instill a bond of trust between you and your child.

Reassure Your Love and Support for Them with Your Actions

The most important thing for any child is knowing their parents love them. Children of parents with mental illness are at higher risk of acquiring mental conditions if they don’t receive such attention. It can be hard for many to express this in words or actions. Therapy can help you manifest your love on a level that will stick with your child forever.

Be Proactively Involved with Their Lives

Being an active parent in your child’s life can go a long way in preserving their long-term mental health. Simple gestures such as being present for school activities or bonding time can make all the difference in the world. This proactive involvement can be the difference between a troubled childhood and a memorable one.

How Can Orlando Treatment Solutions

Help Your Family with Mental Illness?

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Thankfully, Orlando Treatment Solutions has weekly therapy support groups specifically geared to help parents and children with mental conditions. Here are a few of the many ways we help parents and children of parents with mental conditions live happy proactive lives together.

Medical Training and Coping Methods

Dealing with symptoms of mental illness requires utilizing coping techniques from a trained therapy specialist. Going without such methods often leads to worsening mental health conditions and deeper depression. Our team of compassionate therapists has all the training tools you need to rise above your mental health struggles.

Reinforce and Strengthen Family Relationships

At Orlando Treatment Solutions, we pride ourselves in having top-notch family therapy that specifically strengthens your family bonds. This is achieved by helping you be more open about your mental health struggles. In turn, you’ll develop a level of trust you never knew possible with your loved ones.

Medical Prescriptions

We can help you gain access to necessary medications as prescribed by your physician. These medications can help you manage mental health symptoms easier. Speak to a therapy expert today to see if you may qualify for mental health prescription medication.

Orlando Treatment Solutions Can Help Parents with Mental Conditions Thrive

You can gain freedom from your mental health struggles today. All you need to do is reach out to our dedicated team of therapy experts. We have all the individualized treatment options to be your mental health solution.



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