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At Orlando Treatment Solutions, we encourage our patients to fit into the environment outside treatment procedures. Notably, the people you go through therapy with can become your support system. Although some of the activities are conducted throughout the year we do have alumni programs as well as promoting families to participate. We want to treat everyone who needs it, that is if it is you or a relative. The majority of our customers are capable of completing each of the stages of therapy.

There are mental health services you can get in Orlando Treatment Solutions. It is not only about identifying mental health problems, but also about empowering you to solve, live through, and recover from mental health disorders. We have a host of alumni and additional therapy once you are out of our center.

To learn more about the alumni program that we offer, please visit Orlando Treatment Solutions at (321)-415-3213. It becomes easier to take care of your general wellness when you have a community to support you.

Healthy Lifestyle with the Help of Others

Most patients have overcome the struggles that come with mental health disorders at Orlando Treatment Solutions. Our goal is simple: to support individuals and families cope with different types of mental disorders. Once these issues have been dealt with we strongly recommend that our alumni should pay back to the recovery society.

Our mental health staff will gladly sit down with customers to devise lifetime wellness plans. Solutions for these plans are usually sought by identifying and reaching out to others who are also struggling with similar issues. Whether it is depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any other mental health issues, we are here to assist.

Each patient is given an exclusive program that addresses his/her needs to realize set objectives. They can also use our alumni program to transition back to normalcy gradually and have someone to stick with them throughout the process. Here at Orlando Treatment Solutions, we have helped many people receive the care they needed, but we cannot rest until issues related to mental health lead to families being torn apart. These mental health processes we advocate and engage in preventive measures for them to enhance continuously.

Advocates of Change

At Orlando Treatment Solutions we assist you to recognize distressed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and then learn how to replace them with positive ones. In other words, utilizing a cognitive-behavioral conceptual basis, we work with the individual’s way of thinking before the behavior. It is unlikely to overcome mental health problems but we give you the right instruments for achieving this goal. In our aftercare program, we will help and assist you to reintegrate into society as you continue with your relationship with us.

Mental Health Alumni Program at Orlando Treatment Solutions

The Alumni mental health program ensures that recent graduates remain linked with their supportive therapeutic community. The intent is to assist patients in maintaining recovery and sustaining mental illness self-management in the long term. Alumni members can interact with staff and fellow members frequently through conferences, assessments, seminars, and practice sessions. They can attend to doctors’ services including consultants and psychologists’ services.

Afterward, customers are members of the Orlando Treatment Solutions fraternity and can work with individuals with similar experiences. The Alumni program offers a friendly environment of students, and teachers and no pressure to ask questions or learn new knowledge, as well as do not have potential lifelong mental health problems. The alumni can also give their time and other resources to support the residents as well as other alumni to change their lives and get over substance dependence.

Fight Stigma, Find Support: Advantages of the Mental Health Alumni Program:

  • Stronger Support System: Interact with persons, alleviate loneliness, and increase morale.
  • Relapse Prevention: Get support in the form of encouragement, directions, motivation, and regular checks on progress.
  • Life Skills & Mentorship: Get trained on how to manage stress and spend time with like-minded individuals who are alumni.
  • Reduced Stigma: Having a safe space to share one’s story helps people to feel embraced and give hope to others.
  • Lifelong Wellness: Keep up a healthy lifestyle and practice active involvement in the care of your mental health.
  • Depression and other mental disorders are conditions that can be challenging to deal with on your own. Promote it and grab the opportunity to win with the alumni program!

Learn more about Orlando Treatment Solutions’ Alumni Programs for Mental Health.

After the customer has finished making payments and receiving services, we try to maintain a working relationship through an alumni program. In addition to the annual retreat, the alumni program also offers information on other special events and activities that relate to moderation.

Alumni Programs for Mental Health

The alumni program is an important part of the mental health community. It provides long-term support and services, which allow people to recover and regain their sense of belonging. We offer several events for alumni during the year and engage in community-based advocacy and prevention services. For further information, kindly reach Orlando Treatment Solutions at (321) 415-3213.


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Orlando Treatment Solutions has helped over 2,000 people who have struggled with substance use (alcohol and drug addiction) and mental health find freedom.

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