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International Self-Care Day 2023: 12 Ways to Observe This Day

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Written by Zach Miller, July 18, 2023

International Self-Care Day 2023: 12 Ways to Observe This Day

Love yourself is an important part of self-care

When was the last time you took time for yourself and practiced some self-love? Maintaining self-care is essential for our mental, physical, and emotional health. Thankfully, most self-care activities can be incorporated into any level of workload or daily life. So why not take steps towards reducing that nasty stress hormone, cortisol, and improving your well-being?

As International Self-Care Day approaches this July 24th, here is a curated list of twelve activities you can engage in to celebrate.

  • 1. Meditate!

    A ten-minute meditation session can reduce stress, enhance your well-being and improve your focus. You can tune in to guiding audio, use a meditation app, or use your breath to empty your thoughts, relax, and practice mindfulness. If the outdoors is more to your speed, find your favorite place to sit and look at clouds passing by and let your thoughts float away.

  • 2. Love yourself!

    Learning to be grateful for yourself can help eliminate negative thoughts, build self-confidence, improve optimism and positivity, and boost your mood. Try writing down at least five positive statements about yourself and at least three things you are grateful for in your life.

  • 3. Read!

    Push through a few chapters of your favorite book, browse a hobby magazine, or pursue an article that intrigues you. Make a day of it and visit a local bookstore for some rare, golden finds. Reading expands your knowledge, stimulates your brain, and ignites creative fires.

  • 4. Get up and shake it!

    Exercise raises endorphin levels in the body, improves mental and physical health, and boosts moods. Endorphins create a feeling of euphoria and can significantly reduce levels of stress. Choose from a variety of enjoyable activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, swimming, or yoga.

  • 5. Eat a balanced and healthy meal.

    Proper eating practices help nourish your body, boost your energy, and aid your body’s immune system. Whip out your chef’s hat and try a new recipe! Garnish your plate with more vegetables and fruits, experiment with a new dessert, or take time and cook your absolute favorite dish.
  • 6. Hydrate!

    Water is a necessity for your body’s daily functions such as circulation, digestion, and temperature regulation. Water flushes toxins clears the digestive tract, helps improve skin, and can even help prevent dehydration headaches. Make your water more interesting by adding lemon zest, cucumber, lime rinds, and mint, or go for bubbles and swig down some sparkling water.
  • 7. Sleep!

    Turn off your alarms and hit those “Zzzs” for a few extra hours. Sleep is essential for your performance, well-being, and health. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. Sleep helps your mind regenerate and consolidate your memories. Make your room nice and dark, crack open a window, ignore the before-bed caffeine, and drift off into a peaceful slumber.
  • 8. Revive that lost connection.

    It’s easy to lose track of friends as one gets caught up in the vigors of adult life. Social connections are known to enhance happiness, reduce loneliness, and boost mental health. Drop your buddy a text, make a call, or connect through a video call. Reaching out to friends and loved ones could give you a feeling of deep contentment that very few things can match.

  • 9. Develop a new skill!

    Learning new things challenges the mind, enriches life, and increases curiosity. Check out tutorial videos, start a new online course, listen to a podcast, or find a fascinating blog to dive into. You could also create a new hobby, learn a new language or take up an instrument.
  • 10. Game time!

    Games and fun release dopamine, build closer relationships and are a source of great joy. Being too old for games is a blatant myth. Grab some friends and make a game night with trivia, board games, or putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. You could go to the extremes and get your more adventurous friends to join you for a day of laser tag, paintball fights, or even set up an in-house video game tournament with a fun prize for the winner.
  • 11. Relax suitably for you.

    Relaxation is essential for lowering blood pressure, easing tension, and soothing the nerves. We all have our go-to methods for relaxing. You could try soaking in a warm bath with scented salts, lighting candles, or using aromatherapy. You could further practice visualization techniques, try some progressive music relaxation, or do deep-breathing exercises.
  • 12. Treat yourself!

    Take a moment to get that item you’ve had saved in your wish list or take yourself to that new eatery you’ve had your eye on. Pampering yourself with a spa day, facial or Thai massage are also good options. Treating yourself is a great way to reward your hard work and daily effort and can seriously boost your self-esteem.

Orlando Treatment Solutions Acknowledges International Self-Care Day

Orlando Treatment Solutions Acknowledges International Self-Care Day

These are but a few suggestions on how you can celebrate International Self-Care Day in a meaningful way. There is nothing selfish about taking time to focus on your well-being! Self-care is essential for your physical health, mental well-being, and happiness.

Self-care is not only for the mentally stable or physically fit. People in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse or mental health need to learn to love and take care of themselves as well. Practicing self-care is a good way to distract from other unhealthy behaviors and triggers.

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